Vision Ego Starter Kit £44.99

Vision Ego Starter Kit

  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Flavour & Throat Hit
  • Vapour Production
  • Maintenance
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It’s that time again to review a brand new product released to the vaping community. We are in the midst of Stoptober and because of this an array of promotions are being pushed out in the E Cigarette World with one of these being the Vision Ego Start Kit. This is the perfect starter kit for anyone who is wanting to start vaping but is unsure what to buy.

For those that do not know, the Ego range is one of the most popular types of Vaping products and s well known for their reliability. They have launched a wide range of batteries, atomisers and cartomisers well known for their reliability and compatibility with each other. Now on to the kit.

What You Get in the Box

  • 2 x eGo-T 900mAh batteries
  • 2 x CE4 Vision eGo clearomisers
  • 2 x 5ml E Liquid bottle (Minnesota Menthol & Kentucky Cherrywood Flavour)
  • 1 x High Speed USB Charger
  • 1 x E Cig Carry Case 
Opening and looking at the contents of the box, you get a very solid set of equipment to start vaping. You even get a bottle of E Liquid with the kit which many starter kits do not include.


This kit is sold at an amazing price of £44.99. This may seem a lot for any new vaper or someone who is looking to move from smoking to vaping but I can assure you it is well worth the initial investment. You have to remember that once this equipment has been purchased, its is pretty much a single up front cost and the top up purchases are far cheaper than cigarettes. Add to the fact that a vision cartomiser costs £5, a battery can cost around £10, case costs around £8, chargers cost another £5 and bottles of e liquid cost £5 separately. You save yourself a few pounds by purchasing in a ready made kit like this.


Build Quality

When it comes to the build quality of this kit there isn’t many places I can fault it.The whole thing feels very heavy and sturdy in the hand and after a couple of months of constant use it hasn’t failed on me. I have kept it in my pocket all day whilst at work and it frequently gets taken out for quick tokes of vapour and it has broken, creaked or fell apart.

If there was a downside to this I would have to place it on the actual vision cartomiser. Whilst it is one of the best I have used, one of the ones that came with the kit did start leaking at the bottom. I found that the bottom of the glass casing could move around the metal ring where is screws onto the battery. This is where the leak came from but once I played around with it for a while I was able to secure it back in place and I haven’t has any problems since. I also had one moment where the battery didn’t make a good connection with the cartomiser and it didn’t heat up the liquid. Again, once I took off the battery and screwed it back on tightly it worked with no problems.

Overall, I am happy with the build quality and have not needed to replace anything that came in the kit.


Flavour & Throat Hit

This is where the Vision eGo started to really impress me. Previous to this E Cig I was using the eGo Super Tank atomiser and I was hapy with it. When I fired this new toy up I realised how much flavour you can get from these new cartomisers. I used my own Vermilion Hard Lemonade E Liquid (only to compare directly as I had the same liquid in my eGo Super Tank) and I could tell the difference straight away. The flavour was a lot more intense and enjoyable. Where I had to hold the vapour in my mouth for a second or 2 with the previous E Cig to get the full flavour. This was certinaly not the case with the eGo Vision. The flavour hit me straight away and hit the throat a lot more to give it that feel very similar to smoking traditional cigarettes (the part I always missed when quitting with other products). The one main difference I did notice was that when ever I put a new flavour into the eGo Vision, the throat hit was extremely intense for the first few vapes. Maybe a bit too intense. But once this was through it was a very smooth smoke and enjoyable to sit, relax and vape away.


Vapour Production

I have no faults with this kit for vapour production as with any eGo device I have used. When vaping with this I can feel a good throat when when inhaling and there is plenty of vapouring exhaled to give it that true smiliar to snoking experience. I have noticed that with some E cigarettes that you can buy that are built to look almost identical to normal cigarettes. You take a good toke, inhale and the amount of vapour is very weak. With the eGo Vision there is plenty of vapour and shows that it is a high quality vapouriser. I am putting this down to having a much larger tank and cartomiser to hold more E liquid.



The eGo Vision is one of the easiest E Cigarettes I have had to maintain. If any of you have used E Cigarettes for a while you will know that some of the stronger tasting E Liquids (Gingers Fire Ball anyone?) can leave almost a permanent taste in the atomiser or cartomiser that is very difficult to get out. After testing and playing around with the Vision eGo cartomiser I was able to take off the mouth piece, pop off the drip piece and that let me easily fill it with water shake it and clean it out. With this cartomiser having a wick inside that feeds the E liquid into the chamber I recommend doing this every now and then. Once I had cleaned it out, given it a good dry burn to clean it. I was able to fill it up with a new E liquid and have no after taste of the previous flavour. Because of this ease of maintenance, this make this kit quite long lasting as well as you can keep cleaning it out and make sure that no gunk to being collected in the chamber.


This review has ended up being more detailed review about the Vision eGo Cartomiser which I suppose is the main attraction of this starter kit. But either way this combination cartomisers, batteries and e liquid is a must buy ifyou are looking into starting vaping and I would even recommend this to the more experiences vapers. However, if you do already have an eGo battery at hand then it may be more cost effective to go for just the Vision eGo cartomiser itself than paying for this full kit.

For more details and further reviews of the actual starter kit visit the suppliers website below. Also, if anyone has used the Vision eGo cartomiser or the full starter kit. Please leave your own thoughts and review below, I’d love to hear what you think.

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